Aaron Romney and John Cesaroni Score Win in Connecticut Appellate Court

     In an opinion officially released on February 14, 2023, Z&Z attorneys Aaron Romney and John Cesaroni successfully obtained the reversal of a trial court decision finding that Z&Z’s client had been paid in full on certain contracts.  In Circulent, Inc. v. The Hatch and Bailey Company, AC 45277 (see PDF of decision below), the Connecticut Appellate Court agreed with the arguments of Attorneys Romney and Cesaroni and held that the trial court’s finding that the defendant, Hatch and Bailey Company (“Hatch”) had paid the plaintiff, Circulent, Inc. (“Circulent”) in full under two agreements between the parties was “clearly erroneous.”
     Z&Z attorneys argued that the evidence relied upon by the trial court in concluding that Hatch had paid Circulent in full for the technology services provided by Circulent, in fact, demonstrated that the plaintiff had not been paid.  The panel of the Appellate Court agreed, finding: “Although the court cited to exhibits 5 and 13 in support of its finding that payments were made in full under the agreement, our review of those exhibits reveal the opposite to be true.” 
     Read the full article:  Emily Cousins, ‘The Court’s Error Was Harmful': Appellate Panel Reverses Judge's 'Clearly Erroneous' Finding, Connecticut Law Tribune, February 10, 2023.